Premier League’s top transfer targets for 2017

Premier League’s top transfer targets for 2017/18 season

The new season of the Premier League is in full swing and the teams are busy trying to win the coveted title. The competition is intense, and the fight for the title is not going to end soon.
The main goal of the new season is to win gold medals. This is why the clubs are trying to get as many points as possible.
However, the Premier league is not a simple game. The teams have to play against each other, which means that the teams have a lot of chances to win.
There are a lot more transfers in the off-season, so the teams will be able to strengthen their positions. It is very important for the teams to strengthen the weakest parts of their lineups.
So, here is the list of the top transfers for the upcoming season.
1. Jorginho: The Portuguese midfielder is a proven scorer of goals. He has scored a total of 21 goals in the last 22 seasons. He is also a good defender, who can play in several positions.
2. Lille: The French club is in the middle of the transfer market. The team has already made a number of transfers, which will help it in the future. The most important of them is the signing of Riyad Mahrez. The Algerian player has a lot to prove, and he is ready to prove it in Ligue 1.
3. Norwich: The team is in a great shape, and it is ready for the new campaign. The club has already signed a number players, and they will help the team to fight for gold medals in the Premier.
4. Brighton: The club is also in a good shape, so it is very likely that the team will be in the Champions League zone.
5. West Ham: The Londoners have a number young players, who will help them to fight against the teams from the top divisions.
6. Manchester United: The Red Devils have a good transfer campaign, and so far, the team is doing well. The players are ready to fight in the English Premier League.
7. Liverpool: The Merseysiders are in a very good shape and are ready for a fight in all competitions.
8. Chelsea: The Blues are in the best shape in the season, and that is why they are able to fight with the teams in the fight to win a place in the top 4.
9. Arsenal: The Gunners are in great shape and have a very strong lineup.
10. Everton: The Toffees are in good shape too, and have the potential to fight even with the best teams.
11. Tottenham: The Spurs are in excellent shape, but the main thing is to fight at the highest level.
12. Leicester: The Foxes are in an excellent shape and can fight for a place at the top.
13. Manchester City: The Citizens are in very good form, and this is one of the main reasons why they can fight even against the best clubs.
14. Southampton: The Saints are in top shape, they are ready and able to win all the competitions. They have a strong lineup, which can help them fight for places in the Europa League zone and the Premier Leagues.
15. Everton’s prospects in the new year are not so good, but it is still possible that the Toffs can fight in every competition.
16. Aston Villa: The Villa are in perfect shape, the players are confident and ready to do their best.
17. Sheffield United: It is still unclear what the team’sspans will be, but they are in really good shape.
18. Brighton: Brighton is in great condition, and its fans are very happy with the team.
19. Sheffield Wednesday: The Owls are in their best shape, their lineup is very strong and they can easily fight for victories in all the tournaments they participate in.
20. West Ham’: The Hammers are in high spirits, they have a great lineup, and their players are in full control.
21. Liverpool’ transfer campaign is going well, the Reds are in fantastic shape, which is one reason why they have the chance to fight not only in the EPL, but also in the FA Cup and the Champions league.
22. Manchester United are in bad shape, it is obvious that the players do not have the motivation to fight, but this is not the only reason why the Red Devils are not able to compete in the highest divisions. The main thing for the club is to finish the season in the first position.
All the transfers that will be made in the upcoming seasons are listed here.

The transfers of the EFL Championship
The EFL championship is the most intense football tournament in the world. The matches are held in different parts of the world, and there are a number competitions held in each match.
This season, the championship is very interesting, because there are many interesting teams competing for the champion title.
In the current season, there are also a lot changes in the standings. The top 4 teams are:
1) Manchester City;
2) Liverpool;
3) Chelsea;
4) Arsenal.

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