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Is Arsenal spending spree a case of too little, too late?

The Gunners are in the midst of a spending spree, and the club is already on the verge of being able to pay for all the new acquisitions.
The latest news on the transfer market is quite interesting, because it concerns not only the top-rated players, but also the young players.
In particular, the main transfer of the summer is the acquisition of Granit Xhaka from Manchester United. The player is an excellent goalkeeper, who has already made a number of important appearances for the team.
However, the club has already spent a lot of money on the acquisition, and it is now necessary to decide whether the club will be able to keep the player.
Arsenal has already managed to buy a number players who are not in the first line of the lineup. This is not a good sign for the club, because the team needs to show its maximum in every match.
Also, the transfer of Granite is a good example of how the club spends money. The club has spent a huge amount on the goalkeeper, but it has not managed to get a good goalkeeper who can replace the player who has left the club.

The transfer of Xhanka is a positive sign, because now the club can pay for the acquisition and not be left behind by other clubs.
Will the Gunners be able not to miss the Champions League?
The recent transfer of a goalkeeper is a very good example for the fact that the club managed to make a number acquisitions without spending too much money.
This is also a good opportunity to demonstrate the team’s maximum. The team has already shown a good game in the Champions league, so the club needs to demonstrate a good performance in the remaining matches of the current season.
It is also important to note that the team is in a good form, because many of the players are in a great shape.
Thus, the team has a number advantages over its competitors.
Now, the Gunner’ fans can only hope that the current team will be in the top 4 of the Champions club tournament.
What are the chances of Arsenal to win the title?
In the current campaign, the Arsenal has a good chance to win a place in the elite of the English football.
Despite the fact the team was in a bad shape, it managed to show a good and effective game, which allowed it to win several matches.
Moreover, the players of the Gun club are very motivated, because they want to win gold medals.
If the team manages to win all the matches, then the club would be able win the coveted trophy.
Many experts believe that the Gun team will not be able achieve this, because of the following reasons:
1. The lack of motivation of the team leaders.
2. Lack of experience of the leaders. They have not been in the team for a long time.
3. Weakness of the main competitors of the club in the fight for the title.
All these factors will be the main obstacles for the Gun to win.
So, the current Arsenal is a team that can be considered as one of the favorites of the championship.
Who will win the EPL title?
In recent years, the English Premier league has become one of those championships that are considered to be the most difficult in the world.
Of course, the EFL Cup is also very important, but the Premier league is the most prestigious and the most popular championship in the whole world.
Now the Gun is in the lead of the standings, but there are many teams that can challenge the Gun in the long run.
Among the main contenders for the victory are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal.
Each of these clubs has a very strong lineup, which can be the decisive factor in the final match. The main advantage of the teams that are in front of them is the experience of their leaders. This is a key factor that can decide the fate of the tournament. If the Gun wins the title, then it will be a great achievement for the fans, because this is the club that has been in a long and successful championship. It has already won the Epl Cup, the FA Cup, and many other trophies.
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Live football scores and statistics
The current season is very important for the English championship, because several clubs are fighting for the champion title. The Gunners have already won several trophies, and now they are ready to defend their title. Many experts believe the team will win this title, because:
· It is a strong lineup;
· it has a great experience of leaders;
These factors will allow the team to achieve a great result.
There are several matches ahead, and this will be very important to determine the winner of the EFA cup.
At the moment, the live football scores are very interesting, and you can always find them on the website of sports statistics.
Thanks to this resource, you can learn a lot about the current results of the matches of your favorite teams.

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